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Last year, Zurich Life released their Cost of Education in Ireland survey which generated significant levels of press coverage. This clearly identified that there is an appetite for more information on the cost of putting children through the Irish education system – whether that’s primary, secondary or third level.

Zurich recently released their 2018 Cost of Education in Ireland survey. Some of the key highlights of the research include:

* The cost of primary school education is 42 percent higher than parents expect, while the cost of secondary school education comes in 21 percent above parents’ expectations.

* More surprising is that one in three families now rely on loans to help finance their children’s education due to rising school costs and the number of parents taking out a loan to cover primary school costs has doubled.

* Many parents feel schools are still not doing enough to minimise back-to-school cost.

* Whether you’re hoping to save for school or for college, Zurich have all the information and solutions you’ll need to help and the team at Gallivan Financial are on hand to guide you through the process.

Using Zurich’s new Cost of College Education Calculator, we can help you figure out how much it will actually cost on a monthly basis to provide for your child’s college education.

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