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Don’t be shy about retiring.

Planning for your retirement is one of the most common, and important, types of financial planning you will face. By investing in yourself, you can maintain the lifestyle you want when you retire because your state pension will not be enough to sustain that comfortable way of living.

When it comes to pension plans, and even options within those plans, you have a huge range of choices. It can seem daunting, but the pension specialists at Gallivan Financial will take you through everything and help secure the retirement plan that will give you exactly what you want when the time comes for you to enjoy your old age.

Gallivan Financial offers both pre-retirement and post-retirement planning services for business owners, self-employed people, executives and PAYE employees.

Self-Employed Pensions

For the self-employed, company directors, or those whose employer does not offer a pension.

Employee Pensions

A PRSA (personal retirement savings account) lets you save for retirement on your own terms and includes fully flexible contributions and tax relief.

Transfer your Pensions

Did you know that you can transfer your pension to get reduced fees and charges, better plan options, additional flexibility and higher tax-free cash amounts? Or move it with you to a new job – Gallivan Financial will organise everything for you.

Find a Lost/Old Pension

There are currently €500 million or more of unclaimed pension benefits in Ireland today. You might be entitled to some of that so ask Gallivan Financial to track down your old pension and get you back on track with your savings for retirement.

Review your Current Pension

We strongly advise you get your pensions reviewed regularly to make sure you are on track to meet your retirement goals.

I want to Start a Pension

It’s never too late to start a pension plan, especially as any money paid into one may be eligible for tax relief. No other form of saving qualifies for this benefit which makes it the most tax-efficient way to save for your old age.

Bear in mind that the Irish state pension provides only a basic income and the predictions are that the state pension age will increase which is why having your own personal pension is so important.

Why Gallivan Financial?

We take a personal approach to your financial security and ambitions. We discuss retirement and pension planning in plain English while keeping everything relevant and easy to understand. The better we know you, the better understanding we will have in assisting you to achieve your financial need. Using our skills and expertise to get guide you to the most suitable retirement or pension plan. Providing peace of mind and security along the way.


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“We have been clients of Eugene Cosgrave for almost twenty years, and with good reason. He is knowledgeable, professional and always has our best interests at heart. He keeps us informed, and up to date, and never lets a question unanswered. When I decided to take early retirement, he gave me advice, on how to take full advantage of my AVC, something I did not know was possible, and would have missed out on, but for him. We consider ourselves very lucky to have Eugene as our financial advisor, and would recommend him very highly."

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