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Investment planning

The best investment you can make is spending 30 minutes with us.

Everyone is different. We all have different careers, different aspirations, different hopes and dreams for the future. So when it comes to investing for that future, one size cannot fit all.

You need an investment plan that’s specifically designed around you and your current circumstances and future goals. We’ll do that.

Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or you have a lump sum to invest, the first 30 minutes you spend talking to Gallivan Financial will be the most important investment you can make. We’ll listen to you and then explain your choices in plain English, discussing the degrees of risk and expected returns, how to keep ahead of inflation, avoid tax where possible and wade through the thousands of routes open to you.

We’ve been doing this for clients for many years and now all of that experience is available to you. Let’s start with those 30 minutes, without obligation, pressure or fuss.


Wealth Management

The experts at Gallivan Financial are here to help our clients with a range of financial planning services that help them reach their financial goals, whatever they may be.

We know that the process of building wealth and managing it calls for a very different approach to managing and preserving capital. As we get to know you better and to understand your hopes and dreams, we can refine your road map with a financial plan that you understand and can follow easily. This brings clarity, certainty and peace of mind.

Working together, we can help you to be meet all of your tax obligations whilst making sure that your tax bill is as low as possible. Gallivan Financials wealth management services will help you, and your heirs, to retain as much of the money you earn as possible and to hold on to all of your assets for generations to come.

We’re here to help you develop the right wealth management strategies and select the right assets for your personal circumstances, putting you in control of the wealth you create.

Why Gallivan Financial?

We take a personal approach to your financial security and ambitions. We discuss investments and savings in plain English while keeping everything relevant and easy to understand. The better we know you, the better understanding we will have in assisting you to achieve your financial need. Using our skills and expertise to get guide you to the most suitable investment or savings plan. Providing peace of mind and security along the way.


Jonathon & Clare Cummins
Fermoy, Co. Cork
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Superb, highly recommended, best in class. I’ve been working with Fergal Smith and his team for over ten years. Fergal is highly knowledgeable and an expert in all financial services, his advice and policies are all bespoke to match our best needs at each stage of our life. My wife works in the public sector and I’m in the private sector. Each policy / advice Fergal has given us is tailored to suit us (the customer). Fergal finds products for his clients, not clients for his products."

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