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Gallivan Financials’ planning specialists work with accountancy firms all over Ireland, advising them on strategy and operations across financial planning and wealth management for their clients. With over 30 years of experience, a team of qualified financial advisors and fully regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, we can help you guide your clients throughout their financial journey.

By collaborating with Gallivan Financial, you can extend your service portfolio to offer financial planning and wealth management to your clients and provide a holistic approach to your client’s accounting and financial needs.

As you know, financial planning is an ongoing process that gives guidance and meaning to your client’s financial choices. It helps them to understand how each decision that they make can impact other areas of their finances.

By viewing each financial decision as part of a wider strategy, your clients can consider the short and long-term impact of the things they do on their goals. With the right financial road map in place, they will gain control and peace of mind, knowing that they are on right track for the future they want for themselves and their family.


The first phase is to protect your primary asset, your income. In the event of a serious illness, injury, or death this asset ceases and could leave you along with their dependents and your business exposed. We make sure to secure your income, ensuring that you, your family and/or business will not suffer financially in what would already be very difficult circumstances.


The second phase of our philosophy requires the most discipline and guidance. To increase wealth, a long-term wealth growth strategy needs to be defined and implemented. We will work with you to build an investment portfolio that is suited to your risk appetite and is focused on helping you achieve your long-term financial goals.


In the last phase, our philosophy is to maximise your retirement fund and to ensure that your assets are structured correctly so that benefits can be taken in the most tax efficient manner. When we help you build up funds over your working life, we want to make sure that it lasts or will be there for their next of kin.

Why Gallivan Financial?

We take a personal approach to your financial security and ambitions. We discuss financial planning in plain English while keeping everything relevant and easy to understand. The better we know you, the better understanding we will have in assisting you to achieve your financial need. Using our skills and expertise to get guide you to the most suitable financial plan. Providing peace of mind and security along the way.


Padraig Shanahan
Chartered Tax Advisor, Kerry
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“I have known Fergal Smith of Gallivan Financial for almost 10 years now since we joined a local business group in Killarney around the same time. Fergal is very personable, very knowledgeable in his field and efficient in all that he does. I have referred clients of mine to Fergal and Gallivan Financial for Investment, Pension advice etc and will continue to do so as the feedback is always positive. I would have no hesitancy in recommending clients to Fergal and his team"

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