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5 great apps to help you manage your money

At Gallivan Financial, we pride ourselves on delivering the best rates on the market. Whether you need mortgage protection, life insurance, serious illness cover or income protection, or just a bit of advice, our dedicated team of experts will be happy to help.

Financial Planning Matters for Everyone

Financial Planning Matters for Everyone It’s never too early or even too late to set out your financial objectives for now and the future. Knowing what you have and how you’re spending it, then putting a financial plan in place is essential to ensure you have enough in the bucket for the life you want.

25 insightful quotes about money

25 insightful quotes about money Managing your finances can be a minefield and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to turn for advice. At Gallivan Financial, we’re committed to always pointing you in the right direction but every now and then it does no harm to look to the past and see what some of the world’s greatest minds had to say on the matter. Here are 25 insightful quotes about wealth and success.

How to eat healthy and stay active

Two factors that impact our all-round health more than any are our diet and how much we exercise. Old habits die hard and making lifestyle changes can be tough but, if you want to feel better and live longer, simple things like eating more healthily and exercising are key. Follow these 10 simple steps and you’ll be well on your way.

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