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Collecting money from debtors

Money can be a sensitive issue, especially when it’s owed. Trying to collect money from people who owe you is tricky as we feel uncomfortable about asking. We don’t want anyone to think that we’re tight-fisted or struggling for cash, so oftentimes we simply let it slide and hope the other party pays us back of their own accord.

Adjusting to retirement: 8 helpful tips

So you’re thinking about retiring. Leaving the workplace is a major milestone and is one of the biggest shifts you’ll experience in your lifetime. Many people find it difficult to adjust to the change but these handy tips could make the process a little bit easier

Illness Cover Undercovered Ireland

Why isn’t Ireland better protected? Whether it’s under-estimating the chances of getting seriously ill or a low awareness of cover available (maybe we keep putting it off!), we as a nation, are under-covered.

What to look for in a Specified Illness policy

What to look for in a Specified Illness policy So something has happened, maybe a friend or a family member has gotten sick and you’ve seen the financial impact that this can have. Maybe you’ve just become more aware of the financial impact a serious illness would have on your own life. You’ve decided that it’s time to investigate serious illness policies. So where do you start?

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