How to make money (for kids)

It’s not easy to make money as a kid but it can be done. Follow these simple tips and you could be rich before you know it!

1. Do extra chores at home.

Ask your parents if they’ll pay you to do some extra work around the house. Hoovering, brushing floors, doing the dishes and dusting are household tasks that need to be done and your mom and dad might appreciate a hand. They might also give you a few extra euro for your trouble!

2. Sell things.

If you have unwanted toys or collectibles, you might be able to sell them. Organise a garage sale or, if you think something might be really valuable, advertise it online. Ask your parents or an older sibling for help.

3. Wash cars and bikes.

Take care while washing your family’s or neighbour’s car; the last thing you want to do is scratch their prized possession. Scrub the car down with a soft, soapy brush and rinse. Leave the windows until last. Washing bikes is also an option but remember: cars are bigger so you can charge more!

4. Clean houses.

Politely ask your trusted neighbours if they need help cleaning their house. Be sure to also ask them which products they want you to use. They will probably let you use theirs.

5. Clean yards.

Mowing lawns and raking leaves are great ways of earning a little extra cash. Take care when you’re doing your work; if the job is done well you’re far more likely to be hired again in the future.

6. Babysit.

Take care of younger siblings and neighbours when parents are at work. Minding a child is big responsibility so take your job seriously and always be prepared.

7. Pet care.

Some people are too busy to walk their dogs so dog-walking is a fun and profitable way of making some extra cash. Pets also need to be cared for while their owners are on holiday so if you hear about any neighbours or family members heading away, ask if you can feed their fish or cat or pet giraffe.

8. Stay safe.

Above all else, stay safe. Only work for people you or your parents know and trust and always tell your parents what you’re doing and where you’re going.

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