5 great apps to help you manage your money

If you’re anything like us, you probably spend a fair chunk of your day staring at your phone. These days we tend to use our devices in all aspects of our lives, from work to hobbies, communication to entertainment, and everything in between. Managing finances can be a tricky business (and it’s something that the majority of us aren’t particularly great at) but there are a whole host of helpful apps that aim to take the stress of out of money matters. Here are five of our favourites:

1. Spendee. This excellent expense-tracking app is ideal for your average Joe who simply wants to monitor the ins and outs of their personal finances. The user interface is very well-designed and logging an expense couldn’t be easier. There are zero ads and the free version includes cross-device sync, personalised categories, multiple currencies and budgets. The paid version also allows you to add more than one ‘wallet’, ideal for people who want to keep an eye on all the expenses within a single household.

2. Money Lover. Money Lover is another popular budgeting app and the clean, friendly UI and easy-to-use features certainly make it a tempting option. One slight problem is that the free version has a lot of ads. But if that isn’t too off-putting for you, or you’re willing to splash out on the premium app, Money Lover might be the one for you.

3. Mobills. If you like your information in chart form, look no further than Mobills. Simple, clean pie charts and graphs make it easy to digest all of your financial data and there is also a section which shows you how long it will take to achieve your financial goals. Perfect for planning a dream holiday or helping you save for a shiny new motor.

4. Expensify. This eye-catching app is ideal for businesspeople on the go. When you’re out on the road, keeping track of your business expenses can be a real chore. The Expensify app might just be the answer. This user-friendly app allows you to record information both manually and automatically. You can use your phone’s camera to scan receipts and the software will intuitively read and record expenses.

5. Splitwise. Managing finances in a shared house can often prove to be quite awkward. There always seems to one person who ends up not pulling their weight, which means there’s always another person (or people) shouldering more of the burden than they should be. With the Splitwise app, such unpleasantness is a thing of the past. Utilities, TV, broadband and phone bills can all be listed and kept track of, and each group member will receive a notification when a housemate logs a payment.

We hope you found this list informative. For more on this and other topics, check out our other blog posts or get in touch with one of our experts today.

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