Top Tips for Travelling on a Budget

Travelling on a budget can seem daunting, but with a little planning and creativity, it's possible to have an amazing trip without breaking the bank. Here are five tips for travelling on a budget:

Creating Work-Life Balance When You’re “Always On”

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In today's fast-paced world, it's becoming increasingly difficult to achieve a work-life balance. Technology has made us constantly connected, and we're expected to be available 24/7. For those who work in demanding roles, it can feel like there's never a moment to switch off. However, it's essential to make time for rest and relaxation, as well as your personal life. In this post, we'll explore some tips for creating work-life balance when you're "always on."

The Importance of Wellness in Retirement

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Retirement is often seen as a time of relaxation and freedom from work-related stress. However, it can also be a time of significant change and adjustment, which can lead to emotional and physical challenges. This is why it is essential to prioritise wellness in retirement to ensure a fulfilling and healthy life in your golden years.

Savvy Savings Tips

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In a previous post we spoke about how setting a budget can have a major impact on your financial well-being.  Here are a few more tips to help you on your way to becoming a savvy saver!

Budget Better – Our Top Tips for Practical Budgeting

Working out a budget can seem like a tedious task, and some of us may even be a little apprehensive about taking a look at exactly where our money goes every month.  However, taking the time to manage your money better will pay off in both the short and long term!

What Is Income Protection?

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Income protection is an insurance policy that gives you a replacement income if you can’t work because of illness or injury during the term of the policy. It is also referred to as permanent health insurance or salary protection.

What Is Specified Illness Cover?

Specified illness cover is sometimes referred to as critical illness cover or serious illness cover, but they are essentially one and the same.  It is a form of insurance that pays out a tax-free lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness during the term of your policy. Specified illness cover can be purchased as standalone cover, or it can be combined with life cover on your mortgage protection or life insurance policy.

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