Royal London – Multi-Claim Protection Cover

  • First-of-its-kind offering in Ireland which is designed to be ‘fair, transparent and easy to understand’
  • Pays claims based on potential impact and severity caused by a medical condition or treatment, with the potential for multiple claim payouts



A new, first-in-market and unique protection product has been launched in Ireland by leading protection specialist Royal London, Multi-Claim Protection Cover (MCPC). This innovation is specifically designed to protect customers from an extremely broad range of possible health setbacks that may impact them and their lifestyles. Royal London say the product was developed in line with the progression of modern medicine and is designed to give customers financial support aligned with the impact an illness or condition has on their life. It provides cover for the impact of a serious illness like having a heart attack or receiving cancer treatment. It also covers other major health impacts like a long hospital stay, for example, after a serious road traffic accident, and a range of surgeries.

Unique to the Protection market

Multi-Claim Protection Cover has two main differentiators to some of the other protection products available on the market. Namely, it can pay out multiple times for different illnesses over the lifetime of the policy and it can also trigger multiple claim components for one illness. The claims triggers are designed to be proportionate to the severity of the illness and its impact on the customer’s life. In essence, MCPC moves away from paying out on diagnosis of an illness based on a list of often challenging and hard to understand medical conditions and definitions, and instead looks to link payouts to actual life-changing or traumatic health events and their impacts.

How does Multi-Claim Protection Cover work?

This policy can pay out 5% to 100% of your cover depending on the illness or condition. It can pay out multiple times until 100% of the policyholder’s sum assured, or ‘pot’, is used up. This has the added benefit that cover can continue after a claim until the full amount is paid out. Each claim also has the potential for multiple payout components. Claims are paid for medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS), medical treatments such as chemotherapy, and many surgeries including hip replacements as well as for the inability to perform certain day-to-day tasks without help. The policy payouts can be used however the policyholder likes. For example, taking a holiday to recuperate, taking time off work, or making adaptions to their home if needed due to the impact of the illness.

First-of-its-kind offering

MCPC is more inclusive than some other types of protection cover. For example, people who have survived a heart attack, cancer or a stroke can be eligible for this policy. Similarly, some people with type 2 diabetes or MS can, with relevant exclusions, get cover.

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