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How to beat the banks: 5 top tips

Here in Ireland we’re always hearing complaints about the banks and how they operate but the prevailing attitude seems to be “can’t live with them, can’t live without them”.

But what if you could live without them? We’ve put together a short list of handy tips that could very well help you beat the banks once and for all.

1. Put your money to work

Many accounts pay zero interest so why not check out different ways of making your money work for you? Lending money to regular people via websites like can be a great way of getting a serious return on your deposit. Naturally, there is a risk involved but you might find that it’s a risk worth taking.

2. Family business

Interestingly, a relative can offer you a cheaper loan than the banks can, and they can get a higher interest rate in the process. If you’re sure that you can afford the interest, it could be worth exploring.

3. Transferring money

Unlike the banks, online transfer sites don’t set exchange rates so you could save a significant amount by availing of their services.

4. Switch debt providers

There is little or no difference between debt providers so shop around to find the cheapest price. Making the change is less hassle than you might imagine.

5. Get cheaper mortgage protection and life insurance

Buying insurance directly from a bank is never wise. Banks are invariably tied to just one company which means you’re unlikely to get the best deal on the market. Zurich, Royal London, Aviva all currently offering discounts.

Choosing a broker like Gallivan Financial allows you to compare quotes from all of the top insurance providers in the country. Our experts can offer impartial advice and guide you through the process from start to finish. You can even get the ball rolling with an online quote in just a couple of minutes.

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